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Discussion: Vandread

The Vandread cards are pretty hard to find, on top of that, there are a bunch of promos.  I can't explain my fascination with the show and the cards, but I snap them up when I can.

This website has good coverage of the kind of thing I'm talking about.

There were two trading card sets, one for each season, in addition to a special pack of 6 SP cards.  There were also promos released with DVDs and CDs.


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Discussion: Bleach Clear Soul Plates

The Bleach "Clear Soul Plates" are part of the Jumbo Carddass line from Bandai, meaning that they're about the size of...well, anything else from this line, including mousepads, sealdass, and possibly shitajiki type things.

Discussion: Yu Yu Hakusho Maze Cards (Meiro Cards)

I'm collecting information right now on Yu Yu Hakusho Maze Cards (Meiro Cards).  These were some kind of game, released in PP packs.  Of course, unnumbered.

There are definitely 20 regular cards.  I can't find any solid information on how many total prisms there are.  

Four are pictured below (Hie w/ sword, Suzaku, Hie, Yuusuke & Hie)

The picture below shows one more prism with a blue tiger creature/person.


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