How it works

AnimeCards.Org has split up into three parts: Scans, Encyclopedia, and Community.  Each site is separate, and is focused on its own thing.  If you want to build the biggest database of anime trading card info the world has ever known, you are in the right place.  :)

Some quick points:

  1. You DO NOT need to register to access the information here.
  2. You DO need to register to post comments.
  3. Registration is strictly moderated, to prevent SPAM users.  If you're a card-loving human being, you'll have no problems.  :)

ALL registered users can submit new pages to the Encyclopedia freely.  The process is simple.  For step by step directions, see: How to...  add new set information .

The important thing is to share as much information as possible as we have with everyone else, that's why it's so easy to add new information!  It's okay if the format is not perfect, so long as the information is good!

If you want to get more involved, you can become an Editor!  Editors periodically check new information for accuracy, and work on building up the Encyclopedia as a whole.

Comments are all on the Comments page.  On the top of every encyclopedia page is a Comments tab.  PLEASE comment if you want to add new information or correct information!!!  This will help EVERYONE out!

The Encyclopedia is not the only place on the web for trading card info!  See the creatively named page: Other trading card sites