Other trading card sites

This is a list of great websites you can go to for trading card information (other than this one!)  If you want to add your website to the list, please post a comment!

Otaku Anime Card Collection [website]

Run by Shana.  Great for seeing what new sets are out in Japan (scroll down on the first page).  Also has scans and detailed info for sets she collects.

Mina's Card Reference Index [website]

Run by Mina.  A classic site with detailed and accurate info.  Also has some scans.  Note that the address has changed, so update your bookmarks!

Jeff Allender's House of Checklists [website]

Dedicated to non-sports trading cards.  It has a pretty decent selection of anime checklists as well!  This address has also changed.

Anime and Manga Treehouse [website]

This site hasn't been updated in forever, but the info on some older sets is gold!

Dreaming Moon [website]

An amazing new comprehensive Sailor Moon trading card website!

Imadoki Collection [website]

Ranchan's amazingly informative site.

Japanese sites

Card Check Box [website]

A nice clean collection of trading card info.

偽土田名人のカードダス情報局 [website]

Dedicated to gathering information on Carddass sets, and trading cards.

Dragon Boy [website]

All about the old Dragonball Carddass and Amada cards.