Testing a new feature for checklists

Oops, I forgot to put the site off line.  I just finished all the security updates the site needed, so if you had any funky problems with it, that's probably why.

Currently testing a new way to have printable checklists.  EXAMPLE.  It shouldn't interfere with any thing you're looking at.  If you also want check lists, please let me know what features you're looking for!  My focus right now is something that is easy to update online, print online, and download to Excel.

Help wanted: Add links to Scans pages!

We need your help to add links in these pages to the Scans site.  This will help improve our Google ranking!  Here is an example of a set with links to the Scans site: Blue Seed PP.


Discussion: Hunter x Hunter Carddass sets

I have to admit, I love Hunter x Hunter!  Every time I see HxH goods, I want them!  Here are the carddass sets.

Carddass 100

  • Carddass 100 Hyper Battle Part 1 Hunter Exam (12/1999, Bandai)
  • Carddass 100 Hyper Battle Part 2  (2/2000, Bandai)
  • Carddass 100 Hyper Battle Part 3  (7/2000, Bandai)
  • Carddass 100 Hyper Battle Part 4  (1/2001, Bandai)
  • Carddass 100 Hyper Battle Part 5  (5/2001, Bandai)
  • Carddass 100 Hyper Battle Part 6  (8/2001, Bandai)

Carddass Masters

Frontier Works vs. Movic

Lately, Movic and Frontier Works have some agreement where one of them makes the cards and one of them distributes them.  What we care about is whatever is printed on the back of the cards.  Often it's Frontier Works.  Movic's name will still be on the pack somewhere, usually in Japanese.

Editors needed!

Yay, Editors!

Regular users can add a page anywhere in the Encyclopedia.  You can add new series, you can add new sets, that sort of thing.

In addition to that, Editors can:


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