New page: TC Info Websites

Right now, I only have Shana's excellent site that lists the latest sets coming out of Japan, but I hope to add my entire bookmark list to this page:

For now, it is in the Trading Card Sets book.  I may make a FAQ book later.

If you want your site added, or you know of any great sites, please post a comment to that page.  If you are an Editor, you can edit the page yourself.  :)


Completed sections

This is a list of all the letters I have completely imported from the old scans site.  If you plan on adding new sets, I suggest focusing on the series I have already finished.  If you know the set wasn't originally in ACO, feel free to add it.

I have to do:


Currently working on anything BUT Sailor Moon. ;p

If you want to help with this, just let me know.  :)


Users have permission to add pages

Thanks to Maron for pointing this out.  All authenticated users now have permission to add pages to the book.  I'm so excited!


Recent comments point to post instead of comments

I know that when you click on a link in the recent comments, it points to the post instead of the comments page.

I will try the fix suggested here soon.



This is just a quickie list for me to copy paste into the Encyclopedia.  It has no reflection on how many people have donated what, it's just conveinance.


akai_neko [website]

Jane [website]

Rahenna [website]


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